What makes Orah Day Camp special

Our Program Directors move heaven and earth to provide our campers with a fantastic theme to enhance their summer camp experience.
This year’s theme will prove to be the best yet! As always, this summer’s theme is a surprise, but we can promise you it will be AMAZING!

The Olympic-size pool located on our campus is the refreshing part of each camper’s day. The campers swim twice daily and are supervised by WSI professional certified lifeguards. Mrs. Leah Mandel is our Head Lifeguard and Water Front Director. She is a certified EMT and comes to us with decades of experience. Mrs. Mandel and her capable team of lifeguards ensure that each and every girl progresses on her individual level to earn Red Cross badges and achievements. Just ask around….If you want your daughter to learn to swim…ORAH DAY CAMP is the place to be.

Orah Day Camp points with pride to its exclusive 7th grade program. Our 7th graders are treated to exciting surprise trips and amazing special activities just for them. The campers never know what is in store for them on any given day! Add to that the overnights, extra barbecues, late night swims, inter-camp sports and you have a program that can’t be beat! The younger campers look forward to the day when they too can join the fun!

Under the leadership of our incredible pre-school director, our younger division has grown by leaps and bounds. All the Pre-School Moros are hand-picked for their warmth and dedication. Their primary concern is to make sure that every Orah Day Camp Pre-Schooler is well taken care of, nurtured, and happy. Besides their specially designed bunk rooms, the Pre-School children have their very own magnificent playground conveniently located behind their bunk rooms.

Campers are afforded the freedom of movement on our three acres of playing fields. Our Sports program is second to none; it includes basketball, volleyball, field hockey, and soccer, among an array of other exciting sports.