Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions about Orah Day Camp answered.
What are the hours?
The hours are 9:00-4:00 Monday through Thursday and 9:00-2:00 on Fridays.
How many activities are there each day?
There are 7 activities each day including a lunch period.
What ages is Orah Day Camp for?
Orah Day Camp is for campers entering nursery through 6th grade.
I drop my child off each day. How early can i drop them off?
There is supervision in the building each day starting at 8:45. Prior to that no child may be left without a parent’s supervision.
How many times a day do the children swim?
Each division swims twice a day (or has a double swim period). One instructional swim and one free swim.
Are the lifeguards certified?
All of our lifeguards are WSI certified, with our head lifeguard certified as an EMT by the Red Cross. WSI certification is a more advanced level of certification than a standard lifeguard. They are certified to teach swimming skills, not just supervise a water front.
How many trips will my child be going on each month?
Depending on the division there are between 1-4 trips each month with occasional surprise trips thrown in to add to the fun!
Who accompanies the children on the trips?
Our experienced trip coordinator accompanies each trip. Safety of the children is our number one concern.
Is there snack available?
Yes. Two snacks are given out daily. The snack alternate between fruit, cookies and chips.
What if my child doesn’t like the lunch being served?
Occasionally a child will not like the lunch being served at camp that day. A nut-free and dairy-free substitute is available each day in case this happens. Tuna, cream cheese or jelly with whole wheat bread are always available should the need arise. A prepared lunch from home may be sent as long as it is nut-free.
Is the camp a nut-free facility?
Yes. Each snack or food that comes into the building is researched
carefully to ensure it’s nut-free status.
What is the procedure if I have to make a dismissal change?
All dismissal changes must be emailed to You may also send a note with your daughter to camp.